Come experience the most unique location on planet Earth to kitesurf: Lake Arenal in Costa Rica. Situated atop the Costa Rican mountain range, Lake Arenal has more consistent wind than anywhere else on planet Earth.

Join us and see for yourself!


The Very Best Equipment

All our kite gear is supplied by CABRINHA Kites

Tico Wind rents exclusively Cabrinha Bow and Hybrid kites and utilize Cabrinha’s latest bar systems. These bar system offer state of the art safety features and ease of use. A Tico Wind member of staff will assist you in setting up your kite, advise you of the conditions and assist you with launching and landing. With our focus on safety, The Tico Wind staff will also brief you on safety issues and rescue procedures for Lake Arenal kitesurfing.

>> All clients renting are required to wear a helmet (included).

Safety First

Tico Wind is an international destination for kitesurfing. Every winter hundreds of kiters call Tico Wind home. As such, we take safety seriously and make it our primary focus.

Kitesurfing is an internationally sanctioned sport, and kitesurf gear rental requires an internationally recognized certificate. These certificates are issued by IKO, PASA, VDWS and illustrate your experience and commitment to safety and experience on the water. If you are in need of a certification, Tico Wind can help. Have a look at our lessons page for more info.

>> Tico Wind Kitesurfing Lessons


In order to safely accomodate renters without an internationally recognized certificate, (IKO, PASA or VDWS) Tico Wind requires a $30 “supervision” fee.

Should a renter not require assistance after launching, this fee will be refunded. For your safety Tico Wind has a jet ski on stand-by should anyone require assistance. The jet-ski driver is always in contact with the shore via radio.

Based in Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

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