From never-ever to never stop. Kite surfing lessons from Tico Wind will help you discover your new kitesurfing passion.
>> Due to demand for classes, please call us in advance or e-mail us to make a reservation for kite classes!!!

Learn to kitesurf from the best

Tico Tico Wind teaches exclusively with Cabrinha kites. Cabrinha’s cutting edge bar systems offers state of the art safety features and ease of use.

Safety is paramount and we usually teach 1 person per instructor. All students are required to wear a life jacket and helmet.

All students will receive an IKO card showing the level of ability attained during the course. This card is essential for renting equipment at all professional kite centers.


>> Complete beginner kite course 9 hours $650. E-mail us to make a reservation.

>> 3 hour private lesson $245

How kitesurfing works

While kitesurfing is often classed as an extreme sport, once you have learned how to safely manage the kite YOU are in complete control. If you want to push the limits, learn how to boost huge jumps, pull off “kite-loops" or whatever is the coolest new trick, we can help. But if you want to get a rush simply kiting back and forth with smooth turns or aerial transitions then don’t think twice, go for it! Learning to kite has never been safer.

Once the theory and safety side has been explained on land, with initial practicing of controlling a small flying kite, you progress to body dragging. This is initially done with Student and Instructor attached by means of a leash.

When the student is “solo” the instructor accompanies the student on a jet ski. This not only means the student does not have to worry about drifting downwind, which is a natural progression, but also that the instructor is on hand to ensure timely assistance should the student find his/her self in difficulties or lose his/her board.


Our kitesurfing classes are composed of three parts:


>> Part 1

Safety First: We'll learn the basics of how a kite flies, how to set-up a kite, understanding your safety system and safely launching and flying your kite on land.

These fundamentals are crucial first steps not only in your kitesurfing career, but also to lay the groundwork for a safety-first mindset whenever you're on the water.

>> Part 2

Next we'll master controlling the kite while body dragging, water re-launch of the kite, landing the kite while swimming, one handed kite control, up-wind body dragging and board recovery.

These advanced techniques are crucial for overcoming those unforeseen moments while on the water. With these skills solidly in your wheelhouse, you are well on your way!

>> Part 3

Putting it all together: with your newfound control of the kite, we'll work on controlling board and kite in harmony. We'll also work on kiting comfortable with our feet in the footstraps, water starts and getting our first rides.

Sweet chutney sandwich! You're now a kitesurfer! Congratulations! But don't forget, Always be safe, and take more lessons to advance your skills even further.

Based in Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

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