One of the keys to successful windsurfing is having the right equipment for the conditions

After more than 20 years windsurfing and kitesurfing at Lake Arenal in Costa Rica, we know what works!

When it comes to selecting our new windsurf boards and sails each season, we donĀ“t take someone else's opinion as fact. We exhaustively sail and test every board and sail we stock. We also listen to our client's feedback, making adjustments according to their needs and experiences.

Many of our clients have been sailing with us for years, so we can tailor our assistance, and our equipment roster, to the in-depth needs of our clients.

Join us and see why windsurfing and kitesurfing with Tico Wind in Costa Rica is such a unique experience. Like nothing else on Earth!

Our windsurfing gear line up is a mixture of Fanatic's Wave,Freewave and Freeride boards, matched to Duotone's wave and Freeride sails.

We operate a pool system so you can swap out boards and sails, depending upon availability, as conditions change. On arrival you will be allocated a boom which is yours for the duration of you stay, with the harness line length of your choice.

Based in Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

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