Tico Wind offers windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons by highly skilled instructors with full accreditation. Our classes are small and our instructors have a lifetime of experience, to help you quickly and easily master the sport of your dreams.

Learn from the Best

Windsurfing classes are available for individuals or small groups. We teach from zero experience to basic freestyle tricks. All of our instructors have international accreditation and years of experience.

At Tico Wind our instructors accompay the students directly on the water with the use of a jet-ski, and are in constant contact with the shore by radio. On land we have a stationary simulator.

Guten Tag / Beinvenidos / Hello!

Individual windsurf lessons can be arranged by the hour or by the day, and can be given in the following languages:

>> English
>> Spanish
>> German
>> Italian
>> Portuguese

>> 1hour individual lesson .............$50


>> Package A: "Get on Board“

For 1st timers with no experience. Progressing from zero to up-hauling, staying up wind, a basic tack and steering with the rig.
20 mins of theory followed by 2 x 1 hour sessions on the water with 20 min re-appraisal session between.

>> Individual .......................$120
>> Group (max 2 people) $100

For the more experienced sailor

>> Package B: “Keep on Going“

For sailors with basic knowledge and more than 10 hours water time.

Introduction to “Beach Start“, improved stance & board control / foot steering. 3 hours combined theory and water time.

>> Individual.......................$120 >> Group (max 2 people) $100

All prices per person, equipment included (windsurf board, rig, life jacket)

Based in Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

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