Sweet Chutney Sandwich! Foiling adds an incredible 3rd dimension to your session. You'll be HOOKED!

Foiling is taking the water sports world by storm! With a lower wind threshold, and the 3rd dimension of height, foiling is poised to be the dominant windsport across all disciplines. We guarantee it's the most fun you'll have on the water!

Here at Tico Wind we've been enjoying the benefits of foiling since its inception, and have fully trained and highly experienced instructors here to help you progress fast! We offer a full suite of classes, from the never-ever to the foilsurf maestro. We can get you up on the board, or up on the wave, regardless of your skill level.

Ticowind also offers a full range of foils for purchase and the skills to get you enjoying them quickly. We have deep, first hand knowledge of the best foils, mast combinations and wing ratios for all disciplines, skill levels and rider weights. Trust us to get your foil needs sorted correctly, right from the start, making your learning curve easy!

Come foil with us and see why Tico Wind in Costa Rica is such a unique wingfoil, kitefoil or windsurf foiling experience. Smiles are guaranteed!

TicoWind is proud to offer foiling classes, foiling lessons and foil sales at our Lake Arenal location. At this time we do not offer foil rentals, but we offer a discount program on foil sales after completing lessons with our qualified instructors.

Please contact us to see how much you can save on your next foil!

Based in Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

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