Lake Arenal is to high wind bump and jump sailing what Hookipa is to wave sailing!

Where the Wind Lives!

Why choose Tico Wind and Lake Arenal for your windsurfing vacation? The answer is in the name. WIND!

During the Northern Hemisphere winter months Costa Rica is buffeted by the trade winds blowing east to west across the Caribbean. Lake Arenal’s position also means the trade winds are often funneled through the surrounding mountains adding a few knots to the wind strength.

Sometimes Strong, Always Safe

The wind direction is pretty stable, varying a few degrees between NE-ENE. This means slightly side-off to side shore at our launch area. On the occasions the wind is reinforced through a big cold front blowing south through the Mid-West into the Gulf of Mexico we can often see 4-5 days in a row with the wind around the 30 knot mark.

Given that it is a closed body of water and we have a rescue jet-ski on standby, it is a great opportunity to sail in conditions you wouldn’t normally. What does this mean in terms of gear? Our most used gear sizes are 76L-95L boards, sails 4.0-5.0. and kites from 5m-10m.

When Should I Come?

The months with the greater % of winds >20knts? Dec (%60), Jan (%75), Feb (%75).

The best weather? Mid Feb through April.


Based in Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

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