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What's the currency in Costa Rica?
The Costa Rican currency is called the Colon. For the actual exchange rate $ and € check the Web page from Banco De Costa Rica - BCR.



Are credit cards accepted?
Visa is the most common credit card. Mastercard is the least accepted.
Smaller shops and restaurants may not take credit cards. Travellers Cheques in US$ can be changed in all banks (with I.D.)
Tico Wind can not take credit cards at the launch site

What to bring ?

Suntan Lotion
Aftersun Lotion
Showerproof Jacket
Sweatshirt (evenings)
Jeans (horseback riding)
Walking shoes (rain forest)
Binoculars (bird/monkey/volcano watching)
Teva type sandals
Flotation vest (if you wear one)
Booties (if you wear them)
Gloves (if you use them)
Helmet (if you wear one)
The nearby town of Tilaran has two well-stocked farmacies.
You may, however, want to bring your own favorite
pain killer/muscle relaxant (Advil, Tylenol, Vio...oops. etc.).

Distances checked with Google MAP

To the entrance of Tico Wind
Lake Arenal Damm 38.5 km / 23.9 miles
Tilaran 14.4 km / 8.9 miles