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> 2012 North-Windsurf sails
> 2012 Fanatic Boards TEAM EDITION
> Chinook Carboon Booms
> No Limitz skinny masts

For the coming season we will have a selection of North-Windsurf sails, ICE, HERO, and DUKE sails in the 5.4m² and smaller sails and NATURAL in the 5.8m²- m 7.5m².
Fanatic Boards, all in the
super light Team Edition will be a mixture of Freewave, NewWave and NewWave Twin up to 105L and Hawks Ltd for the bigger boards.



Fanatic Team edition boards

What about harness lines?
When you arrive you get to pick out one of our Chinook carbon booms. This boom is then yours until you leave. Adjust your lines once, or even put your own lines on if you wish and off you go. Just like sailing your own gear, or better!
  But does that mean I have to rerig a sail when I want change rigs?
No. A member of the staff will simply put your boom on your sail of choice, which is hanging rigged and ready, and have you back on the water in minutes.
Want to swap out your rig?
No problem, just come back to the beach and check in with a staff member and we’ll be happy to help you select new gear as often as you want!
  Want to try one of your own fins?
Providing the fin box system is compatible we´ll change it over in a heartbeat!